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Couple Sues Greenwich Hospital for Physician Addict

A Newtown couple is suing a Greenwich Hospital for allowing a drug-addicted plastic surgeon to operate on her in 2006 despite knowing the surgeon was a drug user.

The couple, Scott and Diane Buchanan, allege that she endured serious complications from three cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Ian Rubins. They charged the hospital with medical malpractice, negligence, negligent credentialing and misrepresentation.

The hospital said it had known since 1977 that Dr. Rubins had had drug issues, but that the physician had participated in a drug rehabilitation program, according to an article published by NewsTimes.

Rubens died at the age of 46 in 2008 from an overdose of heroin.

The couple also is suing the hospital for violating the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act which allows people to collect compensation if they have been harmed financially by practices that violate the act.

The hospital has been ordered by Judge Salvatore C. Agati of Waterbury to hand over more than 200 papers from Dr. Rubins’ own personnel files, requested by the Buchanan’s attorneys.

The hospital refused to release the documents, claiming various kinds of privileges, including attorney-client privilege, but in the end was required by Judge Agati to give the Buchanan’s attorneys all of those files except for 29.

Buchanan’s attorneys also requested to depose 13 people.  Among the 13 are hospital executives and others who had tested Rubins for drugs.

Eight women had filed another lawsuit accusing the hospital of unfair trade practices.  Their lawsuit, however, was disallowed.

(Source: NewsTimes)

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