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Family of Slain Student Sues Yale

The family of a murdered medical student has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Yale University and the Yale School of Medicine. The body of Annie Le, 24, was found stuffed inside the wall of a laboratory at the New Haven campus in 2009. She had been beaten and strangled by Raymond Clark, a technician at the lab where Le worked as a medical student.

The lawsuit alleges the university was negligent in hiring Clark for a position that allowed him unsupervised interaction with students and staff, and for failing to adequately monitor his activities while on campus.

The family’s attorney, Joseph Tacopina, said Yale should have known that Clark posed a potential threat to Le’s safety, citing what he described as his “previously demonstrated aggressive behavior and a violent propensity towards women.”

The lawsuit further claims that the University has tolerated dangerous attitudes toward female students. According to the suit, “Sexual attacks on and harassment of women at Yale had been a well-documented and long-standing problem, and there was a widespread belief that Yale repeatedly failed to impose meaningful discipline on offenders.”

In March, a group of female Yale students filed a Title IX complaint alleging Yale was tolerant of sexual harassment and sexual assaults on campus.

Le was killed just days before she was due to be married. Her killer pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 44 years in prison in June. He was employed cleaning mouse cages in the lab building.

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