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Estarylla Birth Control Recall Due to Packaging Errors

The pharmaceutical manufacturer Sandoz has issued a voluntary recall of its birth control pill, Estarylla, because a packaging error has caused some tablets to be distributed out of order.

Estarylla (norgestimate and ethinyl estradiol) is made by Sandoz, a division of Novartis. The medication features a combination of the hormones estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancy. Like many birth control pills, Estarylla is issued in a package which contains 28 pills. Twenty-one of these pills contain medication and the last seven pills in the package are placebos.

The recall involves lot LF01213A of Estarylla, and was issued after a customer found a placebo pill misplaced in a row of tablets that should contain the medication. So far, the issue has only been reported once, but the entire lot was recalled as a precaution. The pills in the recalled lot were only distributed in the United States.

Sandoz is not alone in this birth control recall: a number of other birth control medications have recently been recalled, as well. In June, the birth control medication Cilest was recalled by Johnson & Johnson after the company found solubility issues that made the drug ineffective. There is a potential for this issue to cause unplanned pregnancy. More than 32 million packages of the medication were affected by the recall.

Earlier in 2013, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals became the defendant in a product liability lawsuit when a woman in Missouri claimed to have become pregnant after using Qualitest birth control pills that were part of a recall issued in 2011. The recall was issued when packaging issues caused some women to use the pills in the wrong order.

According to Sandoz, the risk of becoming pregnant after missing one hormone tablet is low. Patients who use Estarylla and would like to learn more about the recalled lot are encouraged to contact Sandoz at 800-525-2492.

If you believe your unplanned pregnancy may have resulted from birth control pill errors, you may be entitled to compensation. For more information, contact a Connecticut personal injury lawyer from Berkowitz and Hanna LLC to schedule a legal consultation.