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Ben Carson Was Sued for Medical Malpractice

Connecticut's Medical Malpractice Attorneys - Berkowitz and Hanna LLCYou know Ben Carson as a presidential candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election and you most likely know that he was once a physician. What you may not know is that even Ben Carson faced a medical malpractice lawsuit during his career. It is not uncommon for physicians to have at least one (or more) medical malpractice suits in their career. According to a recent news article, Ben Carson actually faced eight suits in his career.

Ben Carson is in a high-risk career field and after three decades as a neurosurgeon, he faced eight malpractice claims while practicing in Maryland. These claims were documented and verified by the Maryland Health Care Alternative Dispute Resolution Office.

According to a 2011 study in the New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that 19 percent of neurosurgeons dealt with some sort of malpractice claim on an annual basis – compared to the average of five percent of doctors in family medicine and three percent practicing in pediatrics. Neurosurgery is a highly complicated and risky area of medicine.

What Carson Was Sued For

While most of the lawsuits against Carson were expected and didn’t necessarily stand out, there was one in 1996 that did. It was from a Maryland resident treated at Johns Hopkins University by Carson. According to her claim, she was suffering from multiple sclerosis and in October of 1994, she complained of facial pain on the left side of her face as well as vision problems. In her claim, she stated that her vision and pain complaints were ignored despite the medications she was on. She was then referred to Carson who performed two procedures to help reduce nerve pain in the brain. However, she states that the treatments didn’t relieve the symptoms she was originally complaining of. Instead, she stated that the pain worsened.

According to the lawsuit, the woman states that Carson then suggested a more invasive operation, known as microvascular decompression, which will remove a portion of the cranium to separate the nerve from adjacent structures. In the lawsuit, attorneys for the plaintiff stated that Carson failed to review the MRI done before conducting his three procedures. The MRI, had he reviewed it, would have alerted him that the woman was suffering from lesions on her brain stem due to her MS – which made the surgical procedure useless and unnecessary.

In the claim, they cited Carson for his blatant ignorance of basic medical care standards – since he should have reviewed all medical records and tests prior to issuing a suggestion for a dangerous and highly invasive procedure.

Unfortunately, there are physicians around the country that fail to review medical records or tests that have been performed before suggesting procedures or offering up a diagnosis. This blatant disregard often leads to patient injuries or in some cases, death.

Did Your Physician Perform Unnecessary Surgeries?

If you have been subjected to invasive procedures or unnecessary surgeries, contact a medical malpractice attorney right away. An attorney can review your medical records and see if the physician breached their duty of care. If so, they can work aggressively to seek compensation for your medical costs, pain and suffering and more. Contact Berkowitz and Hanna LLC today to schedule a no obligation case evaluation. Call 866-479-7909 or contact us online to get started.

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