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Mayor David Martin Appoints Animal Control Center Task Force

Seven people have been appointed to Stamford’s new Animal Control Center Task Force, a committee spurred by allegations that the former manager of the city’s Animal Control Center falsified recorders and adopted out aggressive dogs with known histories of violence.

The task force was created by Mayor David Martin after an investigation revealed that the Animal Control Center was adopting out dogs that were returned to the shelter for biting people. According to reports, the former manager, who has since been fired, is facing criminal allegations for altering city documents and covering up information about some of the dogs’ aggressive behavior.

“I am pleased to appoint an exceptionally qualified team of professionals and community leaders to serve on the Animal Control Center Task Force,” said Martin.

The task force will be responsible for evaluating the center’s policies and procedures and for working with employees and volunteers to protect the safety of residents, adoptive families and animals.

According to reports, Martin created the task force to maintain the safety of residents and animals after discovering that several people had been bitten by dogs with known histories of attacks. So far, according to reports, one person has suffered severe injury from a dog that was returned to the shelter for biting.

The former manager is being investigated by police for allegedly falsifying city documents and hiding information about the dog’s return to the shelter. She is also being accused of practicing veterinary medicine without a valid license and giving volunteers responsibilities that they weren’t qualified to handle.

For more information about this matter, contact Berkowitz and Hanna LLC. We are representing a plaintiff who was injured by a dog who adopted from the shelter.